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Welcome to the home of the Swiss Fifty Calibre Shooters Association!

This site is dedicated to the international sport of .50 calibre target rifle shooting in Switzerland.  Range events and competition details can be found here, so if you already shoot target rifle but want to see what you can do beyond the usual 1000 yards then 50cal shooting might be the challenging sport you’ve been looking for.  We shoot the same competitions as our American and UK counterparts and use the same set of competition rules. Some of our members also compete in the UK. Point of fact: 50cal rifles as used by Civilian Shooters are not Material Destruction Devices as they are used with conventional ball ammunition, either lead core or solid copper/bronze, to shoot paper targets, rather than explosive or armour piercing which are designed to destroy a hard target, many 50cal target rifles will not even chamber military ammunition. All FCSA clubs specialise in the 50BMG (12.7x99mm Browning) cartridge, rather than the Russian counterpart (12.7x108mm) or the short .50cal ‘Spotter’ (12.7x 77mm) as 50BMG reloading components are the most readily available and of all the very large calibres available, this calibre has the largest number of competitive civilian users across the world. Details such as forthcoming 50BMG rifle competitions, 50BMG reloading data and retail information on rifles available to the Swiss shooter can also be found here.  Many of our members also own and compete at distances beyond 1000 yards with other large calibre rifles, such as .338 Lapua and now the .408 CheyTec, so even if you don’t own a 50BMG rifle there is no reason why you cant join the FCSA (Swiss) and join in the fun and challenge of extreme range target shooting! Other technical/historical information on rifles of a similar or larger calibre can  be found at Antitank although certain details such as reloading data for Historical Anti-Tank rifles is virtually non existent and reloading should only be attempted by experienced shooters who fully understand the complex science of reloading for such large calibres, bear in the mind the age of these rifles and potential risk of injury to shooter and spectator, don’t ever assume that just because a modern round of ammunition happens to fit your old rifle that it’ll be safe to use, modern ammunition can generate far higher pressures than the old wartime stock, it could kill you. To those not familiar with the .50BMG calibre, the muzzle energy can be in excess of 10,000 ft/lbs depending on the loading, with a muzzle velocity usually just under 3000 ft/sec. As such the majority of ranges are not suitable. The Swiss FCSA has regular access to suitable ranges and is always in the process of  acquiring additional range access.