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Updated 24-Jun-2018


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 Our next shoots will be as follows



Petite-Hongrin (La Lecherette) VD

  46°23'51.1"N 6°59'28.6"E = 46.397541, 6.991270

(IMPORTANT: We MUST meet at the tearoom in 1862-Les Mosses)

Meeting time: 7:00am - 7:45am

07.00h – 12.00h   13.30h – 17.00h 

Distances: 600 – 1000 & 1200m

Click here for a Google Maps view of this range

  Click here for a Google Maps view of the tearoom


46°31'49.3"N 6°20'08.0"E = 46.530361, 6.335556

Meet in Officers Mess at 07:00     Distance: 950m

07.00h – 11.45h   13.30h – 17.00h

Click here for a Google Maps view of the range area    


Monday / Lundi  / Montag  25.06.2018   Distances: 100 – 950m

Thursday / Jeudi  / Donnerstag  05.07.2018   Distances: 100 – 950m

 For further info on the ranges call +41 21 864 55 59 



Nothing in these pages represents a specific offer guarantee of service.

The committee reserve the right to refuse membership and to change the rules according to the constitution of the club





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