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Where to buy your .50BMG rifle and ammunition

Although gaining world wide popularity, the 50BMG rifle is still a rare sight at most gun dealers. Over the years many anti-tank type rifles have been converted to 50BMG but these rifles are not inherently accurate and with increasing prices for what is becoming a quite rare class of historical rifle it would be sacrilege to convert a good condition WWII anti-tank rifle! 

However the good news is that there have recently been several new 50BMG rifles manufactured by Swiss, UK and European producers. In the UK a new model 50BMG rifle is now being manufactured by Rangemaster Precision Arms and Accuracy International continues to make the AX50.

Importing a rifle or parts kit direct from the USA appears to be nearly impossible following recent changes to the US export regulations covering anything that looks remotely military or 50BMG.   You can expect to pay $250 to $500 for the US export license and $260 to $550 for delivery to Switzerland.

Check out these links to 50BMG rifle manufacturers, many more exist but these have been selected because of their availability to the Swiss shooter.

Fortmeir/Steyr   (A now defunct site in German only, Fortmeir rifles exhibited at the IWA, a friendly and very helpful manufacturer, site now appears to only have contact info by fax, Heinrich Fortmeir, if you read this please get in touch!)

Left: For those on a budget...

The Fortmeir 2003 rifle (Almost the same as the new Steyr rifle) with Versapod and Leupold 6.5-20 x 50 Longrange M1 scope on US Optics mount. The FCSA UK is currently looking to obtain spares for this model rifle, please contact us if you have any information.








Big Valve  Click on Waffen>Lang>Sniperbuchsen>Saxonia

(German, check out the 'Big Valve' 50BMG rifle in the region of 3000)


Accuracy International AW50

Caliber 0.50 BMG (12.7x99)
Barrel length 27ins (690mm)
Rifling twist 1 turn in 15 inches
Magazine capacity 5 shot
Weight (no sight, empty magazine) 30lb (13.5kg)
Overall length & folded length 53.3" (1350 mm), 43.5" (1105 mm)
Normal tactical range 1600yds (1500m)


The following are U.S. based manufacturers, however these rifles have been seen on Swiss and European ranges:

Spider Firearms:  Ferret 50  

(Very interesting M16/AR15 50BMG upper receiver and barrel kit, the manufacturer claims no problems with export as it doesn't include a lower)


Barrett (bolt action)

Not often seen 'new' anymore but a few do exist in the UK

Left: Bolt action Barrett Model 95 with 5 shot magazine.

Specs for the Model 95, the larger Model 99 does not have a magazine, has a 32" barrel and weighs 25 lbs.

Caliber .50 BMG (12.7 X 99mm)
Chamber Chambered for commercial and MATCH ammunition
Operation Bolt action
Barrel Length 29 inches (73.67 cm)
Rifling Twist 1 turn in 15 inches (38.1 cm)
Rifle Weight 22 pounds (10 kg)
Overall Length 45 inches (114.3 cm)


Big Bertha

Caliber 0.50 BMG (12.7x99)
Barrel length 36" Bull
Rifling twist 1 in 15" Walther Target
Weight (no sight) 41lb (40 lb with tactical stock)
Bipod State Arms Heavy Duty Bipod
Stock Special Tactical or Custom Laminated Stock
Muzzle Break Heavy Duty 3" Fish gill muzzle brake



Reloading Kit - also see the Reloading Section

RCBS reloading dies can be obtained in Switzerland but they are much more expensive than in the US. I bought mine from for half the European price, approximately EUR210. Huntington's also sell 50BMG case trimmers, bullet pullers and neck de-burring tools.



Ammunition is readily available, often from your local firearms dealer who will most likely have to order it on your behalf.  All reloading components are also readily available in Switzerland, contact the club secretary for a list of suppliers.

Extract from Lapua website follows:

Left: 50BMG mil surp ball.


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